Svarga Dvijasana and Parvritta Svarga Dvijasana

Benefits: Strengthens the hips, pelvis and quadriceps. Lengthens the hamstrings and calves. Tones the legs. Opens the shoulders. Challenges your balance. 

Standing with feet mat with apart, come into a forward fold and bring the jevin into the left hand. wrap the left arm under the body between the legs and bring the right arm up and arouind the back biody grabbing for the jevin. Step the right foot under your spine, root and lift the left leg staying strong and focused. when you become upright begin to posssibly straigten the left leg from your core strength.
When revolving in this pose. While standing. bring the right knee up to your chest. With the Jevin in the left hand wrap your arm around the outside of the right thigh threading the jevin under the right knee. Extend the jevin toward the left hip and wrap the right arm behind you grabbing for the opposite edge of the jevin. Stand erect and extend the right leg forward.