Boat Pose-Navasana

Benefits: Strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. Stimulates the kidneys, thyroid, prostate glands and intestines. Helps relieve stress. Improves digestion.

These poses can be static or graceful movement in alignment, depending on your strength. This core workout is very challenging especially when incorporating the Jevin onto the feet.

Pressing into the outside edges of the Jevin creating an internal rotation with the legs deeply connecting to our core. Holding static or flowing between Ardha Navasana (lowering halfway down) and lifting back up into Navasana. Extra challenging to add a red or yellow Jevin between your palms, straight arms over your head (really strong core). You must stay aligned, navel in, chest lifted, shoulders back and down. 

So many variations. You could lie on your back, straight legs up to the ceiling, lower straight legs up and down, pressing into the outside edges of the Jevin. Maybe place your hands under your glutes for back support. If any of these bother your back, stop and place a Jevin on the thighs six inches or so below the knees (shown, top left), internally rotate the legs and work crunches, navel hugging in toward the earth, elbows toward Jevin as you lift the hips. Challenging core work!

Supported Boat Pose-Paripurna Navasana