Chair Pose-Fierce Pose-Utkatasana

Strengthening: Beginner
Jevin size: Feet apart, use hip width. Feet together, use a smaller size.
Benefits: Strengthens and connects more deeply with the inner thighs and hamstrings. Improves digestion. Stimulates, strengthens and stretches a variety of muscles as you flow back and forth. 

Here we are finding the hamstrings and inner thigh muscles rather than only using the "go to" muscles (larger glutes and quadriceps). The Jevin helps find the internal rotation in the legs needed for strengthening and protection of the lower back. Place the Jevin a few inches above the knees. Feet can be apart with a larger Jevin. Press outward into the Jevin internally rotating the legs. Flow back and forth between the two keeping the Jevin stable. Then practice it without the Jevin and see if you can find the same resistance.