Childs Pose with a shoulder Opener-Balasana Variation

Benefits: Opens the shoulders

Starting in childs pose. Hips near heels and knees wide. Place the white jevin a foot or more in front of the head. Place both hands atop the Jevin and melt your heart to the earth hugging the elbows in toward one another. The elbows can be bent or straighten them to go deeper as you come to the fine edge of the jevin.

Easy Pose with a Shoulder Opener-Sukasana Variation

Benefits: Opens the shoulder and hips

Sitting in a nice comfortable seat, place the white Jevin 1 or 2 feet in front of you(adjust and play). Have the prongs of the Jevin facing toward you as you place the hands on top of the Jevin or 2 Jevins. Melt your heart toward the earth and to deepen the stretch your arms will straighten and the Jevin will lean forward onto its edge.