Compass Pose-Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana-Visvamitrasana

Benefits: Opens the hips, shoulders and hamstrings. Oblique stretch.

Bottom leg can be straight, bent, or in ardha virasana. Hug the left shoulder deeply under the left leg. left fingertips on the earth for balance. Hook the jevin onto the ball of the left foot and hold onto the other edge as you wrap the right arm behind you and look up in front of the right arm. Engage your core. Press into the edges of the jevin and open.

This pose can also begin in head to knee pose or maybe advance the pose as you extend the bottom leg or standing on right knee, toning both legs and core and with the left arm either on the inside or outside of the left arm, root the hand and maybe lift the hips pressing firmly into the edge of the jevin.