Dolphin-Makara Adho Mukha

Benefits: Aligns and strengthens arms, core and shoulders.

Prep pose for fore arm balance-pinch mayurasana

The first Jevin is the width of the outer shoulders and it hooks at the elbows to keep the shoulders stabilized.  The second Jevin would be two sizes smaller to keep the arms parallel to one another. Place the second Jevin between the hands whatever position that suits you. Hands can be flat on the mat with thumb and forefinger wrapping around the edges or palms can be pressing into the edges. Play with it and see what suits you best.  Lift the hips and walk the feet forward toward the Jevins. Try to keep the shoulders over the elbows and press your heart toward your feet.  Look toward the second Jevin in front of you.  Get very strong and stabilized in your core and arms. Plug the shoulders down your back. Soften your heart and shoulders as you breath. Try to get the hips over the shoulders.

Feathered Peacock Pose-Pincha Mayurasana

Benefits: Aligns and strengthens shoulders, arms and back.  Stretches shoulders, neck, chest and belly. Improves balance. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.

for the more advanced practitioner only. Continue from the instruction of dolphin pose. when you are in a close upside down V shape with your hips as high as possible and your shoulders aligned over your elbows. Lift one leg at a time. With a strong core you may kick up into forearm balance. Jevins will keep you nice and stabilized so you can play in the pose if its already in your practice. Use the wall if its helpful. Look toward the second Jevin and press your fingertips, hands and wrists firmly down.  Try to lighten the elbows.  All parts of you are toned and extended to the ceiling except your chest and roots.  Your chest is opening as it extends forward. Keep pressing those forearms and hands down to lift energy to the ceiling. 


Scorpion Pose

Keeping the knees drawing toward one another begin to bend them and slowly bring your feet toward your head as you bring your head toward your feet. Naval drawing inward, chest curls toward feet.