Fish Pose-Matsyasana

Benefits: When legs are down, stretches hip flexors and intercostal muscles.  Stretches muscles of the belly and front of neck. Stimulates organs of the belly and neck. Strengthens muscles of upper back and back of neck. Legs lifted strengthens core and hip flexors. Either way improves posture***

The Jevin should be either hooked onto the shins or feet, pressing out into its edges to fire up your inner thighs.  From lying on your back, place the hands under your hips, palms facing down.  Scoot and come onto your forearms, elbows under your back. Lift your shoulders and chest. Bring the crown of the head to the floor looking behind you. Keep the sides of the neck rooting downward. tone the legs and keep the on the mat or begin to lift them using your deep core muscles. Not your lower back.