Headstand Variations

Benefits: Keeps shoulders aligned. Calms the brain, relieving stress. Stimulates pituitary and pineal glands. Strengthens arms, legs and spine. Strengthens the lungs. Tones core. Improves digestion. Stimulates abdominal organs. Improves balance. Relieves symptoms of menopause. Therapeutic for asthma, infertility, insomnia, and sinusitis.

Do not attempt this if you have any neck issues. 

Sirsasana A

Jevin keeps the elbows in proper placement for this inversion helping keep the cervical spine safe. Crown of head down (straight line up from your temples), interlace fingers and cup hands like you have an egg between your palms. Bring the base of your palms to the back of your head. Press forearms and wrists firmly down. Jevin outer shoulder width in size will inform where you need to place the elbows. Navel drawing inward, walk hips above shoulders and maybe lift feet bending knees into the chest. Get rooted from the roof of your mouth down into the earth and get light from roof of mouth up. Hold here or slowly extend legs to ceiling. Toned energy moving toward ceiling. Use caution. Do not attempt if you feel pressure in neck. Maybe practice at wall. Shoulders need to be down the back creating space in your cervical spine. Legs together and toned.


Benefits: Please do not attempt this pose if you have any issues with your neck, glaucoma or high blood pressure. Builds core strength. Strengthens and stretches your abdominal muscles and your leg muscles. Enhances concentration and mental awareness. Improves balance, self esteem and confidence. Healer of headaches, mild congestion, stress, fatigue, constipation and poor circulation.


Sirsasana B - Tripod Headstand

Assistance: Intermediate
Jevin size: Outer shoulder width apart
Benefits: Same benefits as Sirsasana A

Starting on all fours, bring the crown of your head down (straight line down from temples). Place your hands down so that your arms are parallel to one another and your elbows are above your wrists. Forming a three pointed triangle with hands and head, pin the shoulders down your back away from ears. Jevin keeps the shoulders aligned, elbows over wrists for proper support. Jevin keeps elbows from jutting out to sides. Proper support prevents pressure in the cervical spine. Maybe bring the knees to the Jevin. With core strength maybe bring the legs up. Get light in the cervical spine by pressing down through the crown of the head from the roof of your mouth. Shoulders and feet lift to the ceiling. Always the option to practice at the wall.