Locust Pose Variation-Salabhasana 1

Benefits: Strengthens and stretches the muscles of the spine, shoulders, arms and legs.  Stretches the chest and belly. Improves posture.

Lying on your belly, bring the Jevin in front of you and press the palms of your hands into its edges keeping your arms straight. Bring the big toes together and internally rotate the inner thighs up toward the ceiling. Engage your core and lift the arms and legs upward. Feel energy pull your fingers and toes away from one another but at the same time hug your shoulders and thighs toward one another. Lift your chest skyward and lengthen your tailbone towards your heals. Breathe and continue to firmly press the hands into the Jevin.

Variation 2: Bring the Jevin onto the hips, bring the arms back behind you and place the hands on the insides of the jevin, thumbs facing upward. press into the edges, lift chest and feet and deeply work into the external rotation of the shoulders as your strengthen the back body.

Locust Pose Variation-Salabhasana 2