One legged Pigeon Pose Prep-Eka Pada Rajakapotasana Variation

Benefits:  opens the hips and inner legs, stretches the lower back, improves balance when lifted in this pose.

lying supine, hook the Jevin onto the right shoulder and left shin or ankle deeply externally rotating the left hip. bring energy to all parts of the body as you extend the toned right leg and the chest sliding the shoulder blades down the back. maybe add balance and core strength as you lift the torso and right leg and balance on hips. 

Keeping the legs as they are. You can hook two jevins, one on the sole of the straight leg foot, hook them and then reach around with the opposite arm and grab the other edge of the hooked jevins. Fun to play...

Balancing Thread the Eye of the Needle Pose Variation-Sucirandhrasana Variation 2

Benefits: Stimulates and massages abdominal organs. Opens and stretches the lifted shoulder.  Opens the hip and stretches the hamstring.

Start seated, knees bent, soles of feet on floor.  Cross the right ankle on top of the left thigh. With two jevins hooked together, hook one edge onto the left ball of the foot and wrap the right arm around the head reaching for the other edge. Lift your heart, tone your core, balance, send the right knee away from you and keep the right shoulder blade plugged into the back as you deepen the armpit.

Variation Quad Stretch and full front body opening:

You can also add a deep Quadricep and hip flexor stretch by coming into pigeon prep pose on your front side and hooking the jevin onto the back leg (hip and top of foot or ankle) relax and breathe. Maybe come into the full expression bringing the Jevin into the right hand and hooking the top of the foot and then bringing the elbows forward reaching the arms up and over grabbing the opposite edge of the jevin.