Quadricep and hip flexor stretches

Starting on all fours, step the right foot up ,between the hands. With the jevin in the right hand, reach back as you bend the left knee and hook the jevin onto the top of the foot or ankle.  You could also come up to standing on the knee and hook the jevin same hand same foot. You can also hook the jevin onto the hip and bring both arms up to the sky.  Maybe if your entire front body is warm and open you can come into full pigeon. Keep your core engaged to protect the lower back.

Frog Pose-Sphinx Pose-Bhekasana

Frog Pose-Sphinx Pose-Bhekasana-Salamba Bhujangasana 2

Benefits: Stretches the entire front body including the quadriceps, hip flexor muscles, abdominals and chest muscles.

Lying on the belly, Hook each of the jevins onto the tops of the hips and tops of the feet. Lie flat or come up to the forearms to deepen the stretch. Maybe come to the palms of the hands for an even more intense stretch. Hold the pose for a few minutes while breathing deeply and smoothly.