Reclined Head to Foot Pose-Supta Hasta Padangustasana Variations

Benefits: Stretches entire back side of leg. Hip flexors of the bottom leg if you extend it straight.

Begin lying supine. Hug right knee into chest. Hook the Jevin onto the ball of the foot and begin to straighten the leg to the ceiling. Press the heel away and the ball of the foot presses firmly into the levin. Pull the right hip away from you to square the hips and hug the femur bone down into the socket. Relax through the upper body. Maybe straighten and really tone the left leg down to the mat. hold for at least a minute than switch sides. 

A deeper expression would be to hook a jevin onto the toes and then to the base of your cranium. you must have very open hamstrings to attempt this expression.

From the first variation, open the hips by bring the jevin into the right hand and lowering the right foot to the earth on the right side of you. Keep both hips down and both waists long. Left leg can be bent or straight.

Another variation would be to switch hands with the jevin and lower the leg to the left lifting the right hip to stack on top of the left hip. you could also bend the bottom knee and hook a jevin onto that foot as well adding a quadricep stretch.

Reclined extended hand to big toe pose variation with a bind-Supta hasta Padangusthasana

Benefits: Stretches hamstrings, calves and inner thighs. Aligns pelvis.

Lying on your back, hook the Jevin onto the ball of the right foot. Hold the other edge of the jevin with both hands or your right hand. The left leg can be bent or straighten it the length of the mat. Use the jevin to soften the shoulders onto the mat as you stretch the back of the right leg. If you have more space, hook the elbow crease into the edge of the Jevin to deepen the stretch. Feel the right hip pull toward the left foot as you pull the right foot toward your nose. To stretch more into the inner thighs take the Jevin into the right hand or elbow crease and slowly lower the leg to the right. Keep the torso lying flat on your back.