Standing Bound Pose Prep-Marichyasana 3

Benefits: Stretches the shoulders and hips. Strengthens and strengthens the spine. Improves Balance and focus. Massages internal organs.

In standing forward fold. Take the Jevin into the left hand and wrap it around your back body. Bend the right knee slightly and lift the foot as you bring your right arm on the inside of the bent knee. Bend the left knee slightly engaging your core. Wrap the arm around the front of the right shin reaching your hand back to the outside of your right thigh and grab onto the opposite edge of the Jevin.

Sage poses and variations - Marichyasanas

Benefits:Stretches the spine and shoulders. Stimulates abdominal organs.

Sage pose 1
In seated position with the left leg straight on your mat and the right knee bent up to your chest. Wrap the right arm in front of the right shin bringing the jevin in the left hand wrap it around the back body and hook with the right arm. Bow forward or lift upward or twist.

Sage pose 2
the only difference from 1 is that the left foot is in half lotus pose with the knee down.

Sage pose 3
Same legs as 1 but the left arm will wrap around the outside of the right leg and the elbow will twist back with the jevin in hand to reach the other edge of the jevin in the right arm as it wraps behind the back body.

Sage pose 4
Same as 3 the only difference is that the left foot is in half lotus pose.

Play and find the wrap from garland pose and maybe come to standing playing with balance.