Shoulder Openers and strengtheners

Benefits: Stretches and opens the shoulders and chest muscles.

Lying on your back, abduct the straight left arm so it is in line with the shoulder. press the hand into the bottom edge of the upright jevin.  Roll the left shoulder back very slightly lifting the chest as you roll over onto the left side body. Lift the right leg and cross it over the left leg bringing the toes to the earth.. Wrap the right arm up and over bringing the fingertips to the top edge of the Jevin facing upward. Press into both edges of the Jevin as you press your heart toward the top of your mat. Breathe and soften as you release into this deep stretch. 

Cow-face pose preps

Jevin hooks onto back of shoulder . opposite arm reaches up for opposite edge of jevin. Hold and breathe into lower internally rotated shoulder.


Bring the jevin into the left hand. Reach the arm up and over sliding the jevin down the center of your spine. Reach the right arm back behind you grabbing the opposite edge of the jevin. Keep your spine aligned, lift your heart and breathe.

Arm strengthening and opening.

Holding onto a jevin that is shoulder width in length. bring your straight arms forward and firmly press into its edges while plugging the shoulders down the back. Lift the arms up to the sky keeping the shoulders stable. Repeat this while bending the elbows but keeping the arms parallel to one another.

Seated Upward Salute-Easy

Benefits: Strengthens, tones and stretches the arms and shoulders.

Seated in a comfortable position, bring the Jevin into the hands, bend or straighten the elbows, keeping the arms as parallel as possible. Firmly press into the jevins edges. Hands can be on inside or outside of Jevin. Try all different positions. Keep the shoulder blades plugged into the back body.