Side Plank Pose Variation-Vashistasana B

Benefits:  Strengthens shoulders and arms, core and legs. Energizes and stretches hamstrings and inner thighs. Improves focus and balance.

Beginner will lie down on left side body, keeping the body in one long line.  Tricep on the mat, hand supporting head.  As you bend the right knee into the chest place the Jevin onto the ball of the flexed foot.  Pull the naval in, tailbone long for balance, maybe bend the left knee back behind you.  Press into the Jevin and slowly straighten the right leg up to the ceiling.  Keep the right shoulder back and down and the right hip lengthening away from the shoulder. try not to lean back.

Intermediate will come into plank position or downward facing dog.  Shift to the outside edge of the left foot and scissor or stack the feet on top of each other.  Make sure the top of the left shoulder is aligned above the wrist. Without hyperextending the arm spin the inner crease of the elbow towards the top of the mat plugging the left shoulder firmly down your back.  Bend the right knee into the chest, hook the jevin onto the ball of the foot and extend the leg up to the ceiling.  Lift the hips high as the left shoulder comes behind your wrist toward the bottom of your mat and the left sole of the foot begins to flatten and roots into the mat.  Use your core muscles, Particularly the muscles under your armpit(Serratus Anterior). Breathe and spiral the chest upward, pressing through both feet and plugging the shoulders down the back.   

Advanced variation would be to bend the right leg back behind you hooking the Jevin onto the top of the foot creating a heart opener while balancing.