Standing Hand to Foot Pose Hasta Padangustasana Variations

Benefits: Externally opens the hips. Strengthens and stretches the legs. Improves balance and focus. When twisting stretches, strengthens and massages abdominals, spine and internal organs. 

Standing on the left foot bring the right knee up toward your chest and hook the jevin onto the right foot. Extend the right leg to the right as it straightens, using the jevin as an added extension for good postural alignment in the spine. Keep the right hip lowering down because it tends to want to hike up. The Jevin helps keep the shoulders properly pinned onto the back so you can release any tension and breath and hold the balance. Make sure the foot is pressing into the edge of the jevin for stability and create the rebounding energy in the body.

You could also bring the right leg forward, both hands can come to the Jevin, Maybe even bow forward over the lifted leg. (not pictured) keep the hips level so keep lowering the right hip. Keep rooted leg toned and straight.

To twist in this balancing pose, bring the jevin into the left hand, stand tall and begin to twist open to the left. Try to keep the hips even to the front of you and twist more from the mid spine.