What has the Jevin helped you to achieve? If you would like to share your story, we encourage you to email us at jevinyoga@yahoo.com! But first, read how the Jevin Yoga prop has helped others. 

I travel a lot for work and the Jevin was a godsend for my busy schedule. I can get to my hotel room and work on my flexibility and poses without worrying about losing my alignment. I'm so glad there's finally a product that can hold me accountable without the luxury of regular classes.   
-Deborah, Manhattan Beach, CA

When I'm just sitting on the couch, watching TV, I'm able to stretch out my legs and relax at the same time. I can be more of a couch potato than a yogi, but the Jevin has made me more flexible than I ever thought I was capable of. 
-David, Hermosa Beach, CA

I like the Jevin Yoga prop because it makes it easier to access places I wasn't able to go previously without losing alignment. It helps almost any posture that comes to mind. My personal favorites include chair, crow (it really teaches me to be lighter in my upper body), and paschimottanasana.  
-Ben, Wheaton, IL

Before I started using the Jevin, I discovered the lower back pain I was experiencing had developed through the practice of the bridge pose done with improper alignment. Through the consistent use of the Jevin, I am now able to properly do the pose painlessly.   
-Kathy, Monrovia, CA

The Jevin Yoga Prop really transformed my practice for the better. Not only did it correct my alignment in numerous poses, but it also allowed me to try new poses and reach personal goals. With the use of the Jevin in my practice I am confident that I will continue to improve my skills without compromising my safety.
-Mary, Monrovia, CA

I went to Tanya's class today and we used the Jevin! The green one and the red one in dolphin pose. Definitely helped me keep alignment!!  
-Kristie, Monrovia, CA

There have been times in my life when my yoga practice has been strong and consistent, and other times when life has called me away from my practice. This cyclical pattern has led me to be eternally grateful for the Jevin, because it allows me to easily bring yoga back into my life without having to start over. Jevin keeps my alignment, flexibility, and presence strong, rather than sacrificed, when I welcome yoga back into my life.    
-Grace, Monrovia, CA

I met Kristina a few months back when she came to practice at our studio. Immediately her practice spoke for itself; the dedication and focus of each movement can be witnessed firsthand. Intentionality and commitment to fully practicing all aspects of yoga, from pranayama, to asana, to meditation--even in her mudras you see that she is experiencing full engagement. In getting to know her I learned and continue to learn much about precision and alignment. She has since taught a few dynamic workshops that are calling each participant to a new level of excellence and awareness in posture.

With all of the many teachers that I have experienced in my career as a yoga teacher trainer, I had not encountered the follow-through and understanding of posture, and the musculoskeletal system that we call into action when we embark on each position. She has graciously brought to my attention the places in my practice where I had comfortably formed habits that were limiting my experience of various lines of energy! Her priority to do this for all practitioners in her class was so great that she invented a tool, so that when she was unable to personally assist them she could direct everyone with their customized size of "Jevin" to find their alignment with it. So now, not only has she impacted my own practice, but also my teaching. Having the Jevin available has opened the door to teaching postures that would otherwise seem too challenging, by giving the modified version, with the adequate support. This allows the practitioner to begin to experience some more advanced postures without compromising their alignment to get in or get out of the pose. 

The Jevin has helped me teach a more quality practice. I've seen that using the Jevin  enhances deeper openings, and helps correct and maintain alignment in any given posture. It  offers an additional level of engaging the muscles through isometric holds. I've seen my students really find postures that come alive in a new way with this added component that brings stability. There are a few strong, older tri-athletes that have not only appreciated and requested practicing with the Jevin but have found that they are able to integrate it into stretches they have been working on. The Jevin is a truly amazing tool...

-Jeannine, owner and teacher, Essencia Yoga, Wheaton, IL

I just really appreciate how the Jevin can make a regular yoga practice into a serious upper body strengthening practice simply by adding firm resistance.
-Meghan, Yoga teacher, Wheaton, IL

Man, I like how the Jevin helps me realize how much I need to remember the energy in my feet.
-Sam, Wheaton, IL

I like practicing almost half of my postures in class now with a Jevin because I feel like I can actually get the benefits of being in the full expression of the pose.
-Alicia, Wheaton, IL

I don't even know If I could have done any of the poses without the Jevin.
-Eric, beginning student, Wheaton IL

It does so much plus it looks good.
-Sophia, Wheaton, IL

I really like that the Jevin offers me a hard edge and allows me to bind like I have not been able to before.
-Julie,  Wheaton, IL

How would I be able to grab my foot otherwise?
-Suzie, Wheaton, IL 

I've been a hockey player my entire life resulting in incredibly strong, bulky leg muscles. I was flexible when I played but since I retired I have not paid enough attention to stretching. I tightened up so much I could not come close to touching my toes. The Jevin has helped me open up all the muscles of my body, my favorite being seated forward fold. I started seated  on a blanket with 2 white jevins hooked on my feet.  My wife guided me as I would sit up tall and slowly leading with the chest try to bow forward. I hold this pose for 5 minutes a day and I am now using the Blue Jevins, almost reaching my toes. I stay nice and aligned and safe in my spine. 
-Mark, Wheaton, IL

Before being introduced to the Jevin, Pincha Mayurasana was a posture I had a constant struggle with. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. My shoulders always felt strained and I couldn't keep my balance no matter how hard I tried. The results of using the Jevin have been fantastic. My very first time trying Pincha Mayurasana using the Jevin I was not only able to find the posture but I felt incredible stability. Once my body found the proper alignment through the use of the Jevin I felt balanced and strong in the posture for the very first time. I continue to use the Jevin throughout my practice rediscovering many postures through proper alignment.
-Jenny,  Wheaton  IL

As a teacher I am always looking for tools to help my teaching become clear, concise and simplified. I have found using the Jevins in class has been an amazing tool to help students move beyond just the intellectual understanding of alignment/instruction. The amazing thing about the Jevin is it gives instant feedback so the students can put a sensation to the alignment instruction that is being given.  I have found them to be helpful in all levels of classes. For beginners it can really help to open and align tight places in the body and at the same time give boundary to those places that may have lots of mobility. For more advanced practitioners it can allow a deeper investigation into more subtle alignments of various parts of the body. At the end of the day the Jevins can help facilitate a deeper stabilizing experience of the body and from there we can feel a bit more freedom in our experience. I think they are a great prop for any teacher to use to help students really feel their own body in so many different ways.
-Tanya, teacher, The Yoga Cove, Monrovia, CA