Tree Pose Variation-Twisted Tree Pose-Parivrtta Vrikshaasana

Benefits: Improves,concentration, balance and focus. Strengthens legs and opens hips. Stretches side body and shoulders in side body stretches. strenghtens and stretches core and spine in twists as it massages internal organs.

Rooted in left leg bring the sole of the right foot to inner thigh of left leg. Press foot into inner thigh and thigh into foot. 

Play with the different variations either hooking jevin on the right knee and reaching behind you with the left hand grabbing opposite edge of jevin to support the twist.

jevin can be placed on the earth on either side of the body to support a deep side stretch while balancing.

You can also use jevins for shoulder openers bringing one behind the back or over the head. Once you begin to get used to playing with the jevin all of these variations will come into your body naturally.