Wide Forward Bend with a Bind-Baddha Prasaritta Padottanasana

Benefits: Stretches the strengthens the inner and back legs and the spine. Tones the abdominals. Calms the mind.

Feet are wide apart and parallel to one another. This is an advanced forward fold. Stay aligned or do not attempt. Hands on hips forward fold to the earth. Place the jevin onto the top of the hips. Thread the arms under the legs and reach up one arm at a time to reach each edge of the Jevin. Make sure your core is engage. the naval drawing inward.  Use the Jevin to deepen the pose as you feel the shoulders tuck towards the backs of the knees. Press into the edges of the jevin for stability.

Wide Angle Pose variations-Upavista Konasana Variations and prasaritta Variations

Benefits: Lengthens and stretches the spine. Stretches the insides and backs of the legs. Releases the groins. Improves balance and calms the mind. Stretches shoulders and side body.   opens hips.

There are all kinds of fun ways to play with the jevins with a wide stance in our legs.

Beginning on our backs in nice alignment with the spine lengthened onto the floor, hook two jevins onto the balls of the feet and feel the aligned stretch with this added extension. Maybe balance on the hips in this same pose.

In seated position, hook the jevins onto the balls of the feet as you sit tall.

to create a side body stretch bring one forearm to the inside of your same leg and reach the jevin up and over in the opposite hand to reach toward the opposite foot. you can also hook the white jevin under the shin and reach the opposite arm up and over grabbing for the top edge of the jevin. 

Maybe add a shoulder opener as you criss cross your arms hooking opposite feet and forward fold while seated.

In standing position you can bring the jevin behind you pressing your palms into its edges and reach the arms up and over.

For a deeper fold place the jevin on your hands and crawl between your legs and reach both hands up to the jevin. Really helps with opening and stability.

Begin seated, part legs wide. If you are rounded in your lower back, sit on a blanket. Place two Jevins onto the balls of your flexed feet. Legs should be toned with all 10 toes pointing upward. Your sitz bones should be rooting down and your spine should be long with your chest lifted. Your shoulders should pin down your back. If they are pulling out of the shoulder socket you will need a longer Jevin. Close your eyes and breathe as you open the hips and feel the spinal alignment. Maybe work on keeping this alignment as you lean slightly back and balance.

Revolved Seated Angle Pose-Parivrtta Upavista Konasana

Benefits: Stretches and tones legs. Stretches side body and shoulders.

Begin with legs wide. Tone them by hugging muscles to bone and down into the earth. All ten toes pointing upward and all four corners of the back of the knee facing into the earth. Hook a jevin either onto the sole of the left foot or under the calf/ankle area. Bring the the left forearm down toward the earth, extend the right arm up and over grabbing the second edge of the jevin or reaching the jevin toward the sole of the foot.(added extension). Draw your naval inward, stay rooted in both sitzbones and spin the left ribcage upward toward the ceiling. Look up under the left armpit.